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Everyone has favorites.


Be it Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, your good-old gaming PC you built yourself, or any other platform, everyone wishes to have their favorite games in their favorite hardware. Porting is the art of bringing a game from one console to another, and here at Gaming Quality Works, we are committed to bringing your masterpiece to life in the platform of your choice. We’ll work our magic and make sure your game is perfectly replicated to run effortlessly wherever the players want it.


One of the key aspects of creating a strong fanbase is the community, and there is nothing better than allowing them to play together cross-platform. Don’t leave anyone hanging and instead take your game to their consoles or computers.

Spend your time developing and creating while we spend ours porting. Take advantage of the optimization of your code we can provide and watch your game run smoothly in every platform. We will carefully watch out for every detail, from the UI to the controls to every gameplay element and guarantee that the experience is constant in all platforms.

Functional Testing

No one can create something perfect on their first try. There will always be flaws to polish, errors to fix, and changes to make. Functional Testing takes care of that by performing a bug hunt that’ll cover every aspect of your game, from the UI to gameplay mechanics to even the smallest animations and background noises. Gaming Quality Works is committed to not leaving a single pixel unturned according to your wishes.


Going out of bounds, having your game crash in the middle of a boss fight, losing progress because of corrupted data… and the list goes on and on. Critical issues must be solved before release but finding them can sometimes take several attempts and time. Time that you should be using to develop, not hunting for bugs and BSODs.


When you trust Gaming Quality Works to do the Functional Testing, you can sit back and watch us work as we prepare Test Cases for each possible outcome of your game. You will get reports with each problem we find, categorized by importance, area, characteristics, and whatever information you require to get to work immediately.

Compliance Testing

If there’s one big obstacle on your way to publishing your game, it’s most likely Compliance Testing. Every big company has a list of mandatory rules and requirements that must be meet in order for you to take your game to their consoles. The processes are long, submissions take ages, and the back and forth that you can experience if you don’t know the lowdown on how to get certified might make you feel less motivated.


Lucky for you, Gaming Quality Works has the resources, the people, and the experience required to get your game certified on your first try. Leave your worries at the door and let us prepare your work for the tests conducted at the big companies. Our compliance testers are up to date with the latest developments of the process, nothing escapes their sights. Make this procedure less stressful and allow us to take you one step closer to your dream.


It is part of our vision as a company to bring opportunities like these to indie developers. If what is keeping your game from hitting the console market is the certification from manufacturers, it’s our duty to provide our services on time and on budget.

Gameplay Testing

Every single creator fears criticism. But that’s no excuse to ignore opinions and advice. Here at Gaming Quality Works, our impartial team of testers has nothing to hold them back from telling you the truth. Is your game good, or bad? Do you need to re-write dialogues? Can you perhaps change the difficulty of your puzzles? Why did you make that character so annoying?


You might not like what you hear, but Gameplay Testing is crucial to find the fun factor of your game (or the boring factor too). Our testers are experienced writers, content creators, musicians, artists and, most importantly, full-time gamers. Experts in all kinds of multi-media expression, their constructive criticism will come from the hours they spend playing your game and give you back reports with their opinion.


Ultimately, the Gameplay Testing service is focused on giving you the facts as seen by real gamers. Better to have the critiques come before the release than after it, right?

Compatibility Testing

The reality in the world of gaming is that not everyone has the same opportunities or possibilities, but that shouldn’t keep them from enjoying what you’ve created. Compatibility testing ensures that your game can be played with original or generic controllers, with Ultra graphics or minimum requirements, at 30 or 60 or more FPS, on a PC, on a console, or on mobile.


Trusting Gaming Quality Works with the Compatibility Testing of your game is committing to bringing a unique experience to every player, regardless of their hardware. Everyone deserves a good performance and optimization when playing, and we’re here to help you achieve that.


Those that consume foreign entertainment have at some point found a piece of dialogue that just doesn’t sound right, or unclear instructions, or grammar mistakes that make something incomprehensible. Language is a complicated thing to manage, specially when you only speak one of them. Truth is that translation is way more than just bringing things from one language to the other. How would you explain your idioms, catch-phrases, or inside jokes to someone who can’t speak your language?


Our Localization service has your back. Our team of translators has the resources and expertise to keep everything during the process: your jokes, the tone, the personality of your characters, the instructions for the gameplay, every single aspect of what makes your game yours. Trust them with your project, because they will not rest until the equivalence is as close as it is humanly possible. If there is no direct translation, we’ll find a way around it.


The Localization team has one purpose and one purpose only: that your game is YOUR game across all languages.



Sometimes you just don’t know what to do. We’ve been there.


When you develop games with a small team or by yourself, there are things that you have never seen or that the internet just won’t teach you. Asking the experts is one option, but where are the experts?


They’re right here at Gaming Quality Works. Being a small company ourselves, we have had our fair share of crises where we would have loved to receive words of advice or have someone show us the way. This is the kind of service that Support provides. Of course, we will not do your job for you, but we will give you whatever information we have available. We know it’s tough, so don’t be afraid to reach out for Support, and we will answer your questions and give you some tips and tricks.